Senior Design

EENG 4910/4990 Senior Design I & II

Senior Design Day 2016The capstone senior design course is a comprehensive Electrical Engineering design course designed to satisfy ABET engineering design criteria. All senior project reports will be submitted to ABET for a review. Students may choose a design topic in VLSI, Communications, Signal Processing or any other Electrical Engineering area. Substantial design work is required for passing this course. The course is administered as a two-semester sequence of courses EENG 4910, and EENG 4990. During the first part (EENG 4910), students are expected to develop a comprehensive project proposal and conduct research that results in a conceptual design. In the second part (EENG 4990), students are expected to perform detailed design, implementation, project demonstration, and documentation.

Learning outcomes

After the conclusion of this course students will be able to:
  1. Design a system or process to meet specifications with engineering constraints.
  2. Function as a member of an engineering team.
  3. Utilize technical resources both from prior coursework, as well as from other relevant sources. 
  4. Demonstrate excellent written and oral communication skills related to design project results.
  5. Demonstrate an understanding of ethical and professional issues as well as engineering standards related to their projects.
  6. Demonstrate an understanding of contemporary issues as related to their projects.

Course material


  • Poster (File)
    • Make sure the poster is H34xW46
  • Presentation (Rubric)
    • Plan for 10 Minutes for your presentation
  • Final Report



Industry professionals commit a few hours per month serving as a Senior Design client. Sponsors submit a real-world issue existing in the engineering industry today and provide feedback and review as students develop solutions to that issue.

If you are an professional working in the engineering industry or local engineering company and would like to become a Senior Design sponsor, contact Dr. Shengli Fu at 940-891-6942 or

  • Past sponsors
    • Bell Helicopter
    • Peterbilt Motors Company
    • Stryker
    • Eagle’s Nest
    • NASA
    • ATSystems
    • Vasant Corporation
    • Plexon
    • Qorvo
    • Dualams Inc.