Roger Fernandes
Roger Fernandes (BS 2010)

The hands-on projects gave me real world examples of how things worked. No matter where I have worked, people know UNT and the strong reputation they have.

UNT alumni Adriana Blanco
Adriana Blanco (BS 2014)

During my time at UNT, I enjoyed the wide variety of project courses, and working on our Senior Design Project. That year we developed a solar-powered boat for a competition in Dayton, Ohio.

Jennifer M. Williams
Jennifer M. Williams (BS 2011, MS 2014)

After my first year at another university, I craved a better EE program and transferred to UNT when I learned about the hands-on project-based curriculum in EE. It’s everything I dreamed and more.

Anuj Srinivasan
Anuj Srinivasan (MS 2015)

UNT provides numerous opportunities for its students to receive industrial exposure as well as employment in top firms by hosting campus-wide career fairs every academic year.