Kamesh Namuduri

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  • Education
    • Doctor of Philosophy – Computer Science and Engineering, University of South Florida, Tampa, December 1992.
    • M.S. – Computer Science, Central University, Hyderabad, India, August 1986.
    • B.S. – Electronics and Communications, Osmania University, Hyderabad, India, August 1984.
  • Biography

    Kamesh Namuduri is a Professor of Electrical Engineering and the director of Autonomous Systems Laboratory at the University of North Texas (UNT). He received his B.S. degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Osmania University, India, in 1984, M.S. degree in Computer Science from University of Hyderabad in 1986, and Ph.D. degree in Computer Science and Engineering from University of South Florida in 1992. Over the past eleven years, his research is focused on aerial networking and communications. He co-organized a series of workshops on “Airborne Networking and Communications” in conjunction with IEEE, AIAA, AUVSI, and ACM Conferences.  He is serving as the chair for two Standards Working Groups (IEEE 1920.1: Aerial Communications and Networking and IEEE P1920.2: Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communications for Unmanned Aircraft Systems). He is serving as the Chair for the IEEE Vehicular Technology Society’s Ad Hoc Committee on Drones. He is a co-editor for the book titled “UAV Networks and Communications” published by the Cambridge University Press in 2017. He is leading the Smart and Connected Community project on “Deployable Communication Systems” in collaboration with the government, public, and private organizations. This living laboratory project was demonstrated thrice during the Global City Teams Challenge hosted jointly by the National Institute of Standards and Technology and US Ignite in 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018. He contributed to the development of research agenda, requirements and blueprints highly deployable communications systems led by the National Institute of Standards and Technology and National Public Safety Telecommunications Council.

  • Research


    • Urban Air Mobility
    • UAV Networks and Communications
    • Rate Distortion Analysis
    • Consensus Building in Distributed Systems
    • Video Surveillance
    • Secrecy Capacity
  • Publications

    Most Recent Publications


    • Working on a New Book on "Unmanned Air Trapsortation", to be published by Oxford University Press in 2021
    • Namuduri, Kamesh, Serge Chaumette, Jae H. Kim, and James PG Sterbenz, eds. UAV Networks and Communications. Cambridge University Press, 2017.

    Special Issue

    • Kamesh Namuduri, Uwe-Carsten Fiebig, David W. Matolak, Helka-Liina Määttänen, Ismail Guvenc, and K.V.S Hari, Special Issue on Communications Support for Unmanned Air Transportation, IEEE Vehicular Technology Magazine, to be published in June 2020.

    Journal Papers 

    • Norouzi Kandalan, R., Varanasi, M., Buckles, B. and Namuduri, K., Impact of Leadership and Mobility on Consensus-Building in Sensor Networks. Sensors, 20(4), pp.1081, 2020.
    • K. Namuduri, “The Need of the Hour: A Case for Standards in Rapidly Deployable Communication Systems for Public Safety”, IEEE Standards E-Magazine, July 2018.
    • K. Namuduri, “When Disaster Strikes, Flying Cell Towers Could Aid Search and Rescue”, IEEE Spectrum, Vol. 54, No. 9, pp. 38-43, September 2017.

    Book Chapter

    • K. Namuduri, “Ad Hoc Networks in the Sky”, in “UAV Communications for 5G and Beyond”, edited by Yong Zeng, Ismail Guvenc, David Matolak, Giovanni Geraci, Rui Zhang (Eds.), Wiley Publishing, to be published in 2020.

    Refereed Conference Proceedings (110)

    • S. Mukherjee and K. Namuduri, “Joint Flocking and Deconfliction in Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Swarms”, invited paper, MILCOM  2019, November 2019.
    • S. Mukherjee and K. Namuduri, “Formation Control of UAVs for Connectivity Maintenance and Collision Avoidance”, National Aerospace & Electronics Conference, July 2019.
    • R. Norouzi-Kandalan, D. Nguyen, Z. Trivedi, M Lin, A. B. Montero, R. McBeth, Q Yang, W. Lu, K. Namuduri, S. Jiang, Dose Prediction with Deep Learning for Prostate Cancer VMAT Treatments, AAPM 2019, July 2019.
    • K. R. Namuduri, “An Ecosystem for Disaster Relief Operations”, ACM MobiHoc workshop on innovative aerial communication solutions for firstrResponder network in emergency scenarios (iFIRE), July, 2019.

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  • Professional Experience

    2020 – Present       Vice-Chair, Emerging Technology Initiative on Aerial Connectivity, IEEE Communication Society

    2019 – Present       UAV Expert Adviser, COM/Access Core Standards Committee, IEEE Communications Society

    2017 – Present       Chair, Ad Hoc Committee on Drones, IEEE Vehicular Technology Society

    2019 – Present       Chair, IEEE P1920.2, Standards Working Group on Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communications for UAS

    2017 – Present       Member, IEEE Mobile Communication Networks Standards Committee

    2016 – Present       Chair, IEEE P1920.1, Standards Working Group on Airborne Networks and Communications