Online Educational and Research Tools Developed

My research team and I have developed the following educational and research tools with the generous support from the National Science Foundation.


We believe that the next generation of mapping algorithms developed for custom domain-specific architectures will exhibit pattern recognition, the ability to learn from experience, and identification of creative solutions, all of which are human characteristics.  People excel at navigating complex and dynamically changing situations, recognizing recurring patterns, and identifying potential opportunities.  We have developed an interactive mapping game, Untangled to uncover human mapping strategies. From our observations, player interviews, and the resulting database of good mappings, we have developed several new algorithms that outperform long-term standards. Our game and an introductory video illustrating common player strategies can be found at

SmartBricks / UNTANGLEDII:Unbound

Custom domain-specific architectures are very promising for creating designs that are highly optimized to the needs of a particular application domain. However, it is extremely difficult to find optimal tradeoffs in designing a new architecture, or even to fully understand the design space. Therefore, there is a great need to develop an optimum design framework that allows designers to explore the design space efficiently and identify efficient architectures quickly for an application domain.  We have developed a highly visual design environment, SmartBricks / UntangledII:Unbound for designing and exploring custom domain-specific architectures quickly and efficiently. Our game and in-depth tutorials can be found at