Parthasarathy Guturu

Associate Professor

Vision Statement

I like to ambitiously pursue my career goal of being an eminent researcher and educationist in a University of international repute. In 5 Years from now, I like to see himself as a Fellow of both IEEE and ACM by focusing on quality rather than quantity in my research and targeting for publications in reputed journals of IEEE/IEE/ACM standing. My current research direction is wireless sensor networks- an area in which I find an ample opprtunity to make use of my versatile research experience in machine learning and communication networks.


Dr. Parthasarathy (Partha) Guturu has Bachelor's Degree with Honors In Electronics & Electrical Communication Engineering, Postgraduate Diploma in Computer Technology and Ph.D. (Engineering) in Pattern Recognition- all from Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur.

He has more than ten years of teaching and research experience in academia and over 7 years of research experience in design and development of complex real-time systems in industry.

While in academia, he supervised 4 doctoral and a number of graduate and undergraduate dissertations. He published over 35 papers in international journals and conferences and contributed to disparate areas of Electrical and Computer Engineering including Pattern Recognition, Computer Vision/Image Processing, Artificial Intelligence, and solutions of ill-posed and combinatorial optimization problems with Neural Networks/Genetic Algorithms.

In corporate research, he contributed to the areas of Intelligent Networks and 3G Wireless Systems and came up with 3 patents. The patents are in the areas of fault-tolerant message replication & database synchronization and call fail-safe wireless traffic distribution across multiple frequency bands. A paper based on the latter work has been published in IEEE GlobeCom 2003 and another one is ready for publication in IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications.

Dr. Guturu plans to integrate his past experience in Computational Intelligence and Machine Learning and the latest experience in Wireless Networks and apply to research on Wireless Sensor Networks and Systems.

Academic Philosophy

My academic philosophy may be epitomized by the following couplet of mine:Choose not what to know, look for symmetries and unity in diversity,For, from dwarf to dinosaur, every research object is a cynosure of beauty.True to my academic philosophy, I believe in continually changing my subjects and further my boundaries of knowledge while teaching. For me, teaching is a great learning experience.In the same token, I believe in interdisciplinary kind of research. My corporate research work in the area of computer communications has been greatly influenced by my earlier academic research background in the intelligent systems and algorithms. My current academic research plan is also to bring in ideas from various disciplines and apply to wireless sensor network research.

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