Senior Design Spring 2014

Monday, May 19, 2014


Congratulations to all of those that have graduated! The Department of Electrical Engineering would like to recognize our First, Second and Third place recipients in Spring 2014's design competition.


First Place

Solar Splash - Mean Green Solar Team


  •   Rivera, Bernardo Jose
  •   Blanco, Adriana Alma
  •         Brittain, Josh R
  •   Deshefy, Thomas Paul
  •   Mendez, Leonel
  •   Rommel, Keith Thomas
  • Sapien, Glenn Alan
  •   Tracy, Thomas George
  •   Zemler, Emma Constance


Second Place

Wireless Data Traansmission - At the Greenbelt Environmental Monitoring Station


  •     Peterson, Justin J
  •   Xu, Jian Ning
  •   Nguyen, Tuanlinh Dinh
  •   Saunders, Andrew T


Third Place

Instrumentation Panel Design – Automated Ozone Monitor


  •    Eminger, Timothy Raymond
  •   Faschingbauer, Andrew James
  •   Stumberg, Jarred R