Dr Kamesh Namuduri

Kamesh Namuduri, Professor, Electrical Engineering

IEEE - "Advancing Technolgy for Humanity"

Project J

The goal of this project is to design a machine communication interface that enables people with severe physical limitations (lack of voice and muscle movements) to interact with the world. In long-term, advanced strategies such as machine-learning will be added to tailor this interface for individual needs and capabilities. Stay tuned for updates.

Research Interests 
  • Airborne Networks (Capacity, Connectivity, Coverage, and Security)
  • Video and Image Communications  (Rate Distortion Theory, Distributed Video Coding)
  • Computer Vision (Human Activity Analysis)
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  • Serving as Chair, IEEE 1920.1 Standards for Aerial Networks and Communications
  • Demonstration of an Aerial Base Station during GCTC Exhibition, August 28-29, 2017
  • Student wins best paper award in NeuroIS 2017 retreat
  • Editing a book on Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Networks - to be published in Fall 2017 
  • Presenter, Tutorial on " UAV Networks", SIUSAI-2017, Osaka, Japan
•  EENG 5850 - Image and Video Communications (Fall 2017)
•  EENG 3810 - Communication Systems (Fall 2017)
 Office: B234, Discovery Park, UNT College of Engineering
 Email: kamesh.namuduri@unt.edu Phone: 940-369-8960